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Got up at 5 am this morning, hopped on a train at 6 and arrived to Gothenburg at 9. Sitting at the station having breakfast and enjoying the (although terribly bad) free wifi. Got a job interview later on today, but need to kill some time before that so will probs go shopping a bit.


Gazing sun, beach, food and shopping. Pretty much sums it up, but now it’s back to reality. Had a study date today, even though school doesn’t start until the 4th. But I reckon it’s a good thing to be prepared for this bachelor thesis madness.

Next stop: Mediterranean

So, my phone got stolen on Saturday and yesterday we had to go to the veterinary with mom’s cat who needed urgent surgery. But today he seems to be doing good and I got a new phone from the insurance, so in a few hours off we go. Next stop: Mallorca! Beach, sun and good food for a week. I approve.

A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather

Had the best time at my friend’s cabin. We enjoyed the sun, drank heaps of beer, met a lot of new people, swam in 16 degrees ocean and sang a lot. Awesome weekend. I’m so fucking content with life, it’s such a nice feeling. Next up: pizza and Burlesque. Cheers!

Day 11-14, Sydney

So Sydney was pretty chill and we didn’t really plan anything. We spent a lot of time down in the harbour, went to Bondi beach, spent some dollars at Paddy’s market and climbed the harbour bridge.

Day 10 – bus tour pt 3

The last day of the tour we went to Canberra. I was pretty sick and didn’t really pay a lot of attention to what the guide said, but it was interesting to see this planned capital.

Day 9 – Bus tour pt 2

The second day of the tour we headed up to the snowy mountins. We drove through beautiful landscape on a crazy scary road. A half metre from the edge and a certain death. We ended up at mainland Australia’s highest mountin – Mount Kosciuszko. 2000 metres high. And the first time in a ski lift for this swede. We also found some snow which was pretty ironic. Snowball fight in Australia.