Category: Ego


Woho, had my tattoo for 2 weeks now. All healed and looking fab. In 4 freakin’ weeks I’m done with this semester. Got my last exam the 6th of June, and after that it’s fair game. I am looking into if I can change my flights and go back to Sweden 2 weeks earlier. I really do hope I can, it would be nice to be home for my birthday and midsummer.

Lazy days

1 pm and I just got out of bed. Sitting on my patio, drinking coffe and being lazy. Study break, I love you. Today it is St Patty’s day which of course means partyparty tonight.

Shave for a cure

Today we had the ”World’s greatest shave” which is charity for leukemia. We raised more than $500 and this is my shave for a cure. I absolutely love it.