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Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day everybody! I really wish I was back in Oz to celebrate this awesome holiday. Enjoying some cold ones at the pooldeck, then heading down to the foreshore to see the fireworks.

Australia, I miss you more everyday.


Okay, so I am human again. Spent the whole day yesterday in bed. Except when I got up to get food. But here comes a review of 2012.
Did you do something you’ve never done before?
Oh, I did. And it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, but it was probably also the best things I’ve ever done for myself.
How has 2012 been?
One of the best years in my life. I had the priviliged to be in Australia and meet people I’ll never forget. And I got to go home to beautiful people here in Sweden.
Do you think 2013 will be better?
I think it will be different. And different is good.
Did you fall in love?
I didn’t fall in love, but you meet people that take up a little bit bigger space in your heart.
What date from 2012 will you never forget?
25th of February.
What was your greatest success during 2012?
I managed two jobs and full time studies in Australia. I wrote a thesis. And I beat a monster that have been with me for so many years. But never again.
Best buy?
Skull dress @ Palma
What did you spend the most money on?
Food. Must’ve been food.
Did something make you really happy?
Amazing people caring for you and expecting nothing in return.
What songs will remind you of 2012?
Wild ones, Fast Car (Boyce Avenue cover), Perfect Two, The A Team, Lyckligare nu
What people have you spent the most time with?
My wifeys.
Best memory from 2012?
Gotta be all the pool deck parties with my lovely RA crew.
How many people did you kiss?
More than 1. Less than 100.
Is there something you missed 2012 and want for 2013?
A plan.
What do you wished you had done more?
Enjoyed the simple things more. Smiled more.
What do you wish you had done less?
Uhm, nothing really.
Favorite show on tv?
Still don’t have a tv
Biggest musical discovery?
Boyce Avenue
Something you wished for and got on your birthday?
I spent my bd on a plane, but I did get to go home which was pretty nice.
What did you do on your birthday?
Had a goodbye/birthday brekkie and then I travelled for 24 hours across the world.
Is there anything that could’ve made your year better?
Everything happens for a reasons, so I’m gonna say no.
What made you feel good?
The amazing people I met.
Who did you miss?
No one really.
The best new people you met?
The RAs.
What do you want to say to yourself for 2013?
Be patient. Don’t freak out over small things. Whatever should happen will happen. And be careful with your heart.


Heading down to a friend’s cabin this weekend. You could say it’s a bit of a anniversary for us, we were there 4 years ago the summer we actually became real good friends…. after graduating from high school where we were in the same class for 3 years.

3 months

Went to the beach on Tuesday, reckon the last day with 30+ degrees. I don’t look forward to ”cold” weather, but it have been a great summer indeed. I’ve almost been here for 3 months now and it’s less then 3 months until I will be back in Sweden. Although I love this place, I’m looking forward to going home. I miss my friends and family a lot. Was looking through some old pictures and found this:

I miss you crazy kids!