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En kärleksförklaring

Ingen glittrar som dig Stockholm,
ingen har lockat mig som du
Du var sval när jag kom hit och du är svalare nu
Men jag har känt hur mina steg har fått en gata här att gå
I ditt regn fick jag den kraft jag skulle få

Dina sånger har jag sjungit, dina drömmar har jag drömt
Min sans har jag förnekat och min hemstad har jag glömt
Jag har låtit dig förstöra mig, jag har stampat i din takt
men nu möter jag alla ord som jag har sagt


Alot of people think that happiness is a destination. If I do this or if I achieve this or if I am with this person I will be happy. Happiness is inbetween. Happiness is being alive. Happiness is coming home after an average, uneventful night and smiling because life is good.

Happiness is having a bad day, but still being able to smile about it. Happiness is knowing there are people out there, even if they’re not with you. Happiness is being grateful. Happiness is a food or a feeling or a hot coffee or a smile from a stranger, or someone letting you on to the bus before them. Happiness is sleeping in your own bed after being away. Happiness is meeting an old friend.

Happiness is moving to a new city, knowing no one, and realizing you’re fine anyways. Happiness is staying put, or going somewhere new. Happiness is letting go or moving on.

Happiness is what you do for yourself. Happiness is what you let yourself be.

Happiness is what happens between the ups and the downs. What happens during. What’s there all along. Happiness is happening right now. Don’t wait for it. Don’t chase it. Embrace it, people.

(Happiness is also having two cheese burgers that I will now eat while watching The Big Bang Theory)


2013 has been an amazing year. I graduated. Finally got my bachelor’s degree. I moved to Stockholm for a job. In Stockholm I found something I’d been looking for, for a long time. I found peace of mind. I also met new people, new friends. I learnt alot. I felt homesick, I felt lonely. I had a lot of late nights. I spent the whole year getting over someone, but I finally got there. I had an amazing summer. Midnight adventures and walking home when the sun came up.

I spent this year at a job that I absolutely love. I spent it growing, learning. Becoming a person that I am very proud to be.

This year I moved to a city I was hesitant to move to. But what I found I could have never expected. The people I’ve met, the things I’ve learnt. It’s been a truly amazing year. And to top it off – today I bought plane tickets to Australia for 2014. A year ago I wrote ”Australia was amazing and I got to know amazing people that I know will be friends for life”. And in 7 months I get to see some of these amazing people again.

Life is treating me so damn well these days and I am grateful for every day I get to feel this good. All I’m asking for during 2014 is that I get to keep this feeling.

I’ve wasted a lot of my days in the darkness, but not this year – and never again.

IMG_20130128_174527Got a new tattoo
IMG_20130214_175514Got the contract for my new job and felt very grown up

I was training thai boxing and my foot was not happy

I had my goodbye party and had to empty all the bottles of booze I couldn’t carry with me to Stockholm


Time to move!


The oh so Lovely basement I spent my first 7 months in in Stockholm


This was where I lived.


Earth Hour at work


I found a new friend


There were a lot of these throughout the year


I was very happy at a random party somewhere in Stockholm


Summer came early and we had beers in the park after work


I came home when the sun came up


We went to dinner at Sweden’s best meat restaurant and it was the best ever


I went back home to go to my graduation ceremony


And then to spend the rest of the week at my friend’s cabin


We had a lot of fun.


5 months later I actually got my degree on paper


Had too many of these


It was my birthday at 30 Seconds to Mars played at Gröna Lund


I got a penguin one-pice for my birthday from my bff


And a mathlete t-shirt from my other bff (they know me too well)


I cut of my hair and liked it


We had a barbeque after work


Went to my friend’s cabin to relax one weekend


And I dropped my baby in the gravel


But it didn’t really bother me



And then it was time for Stockholm Pride!


Pride Parade


A good friend was visiting and we went to the Raw Humour Festival


Opening Ceremony with Kent, Robyn & Lars Winnerbäck @ Tele2 Arena




Last after work outside


Went to my bff’s birthday party


Shopping for after work at the office


Google thought I was lonely…


Finally found an apartment and moved


I went back home and suprised my mom and had one of the best weekends


We made our own mulled wine at the office


Had a very fun singstar night. The only song I won was ‘I like big butts’. I will let that speak for itself.

Just to be alive is a grand thing

Merry christmas and happy holidays to all you lovely people out there. I hope you get to be happy and healthy wherever, and with whom, you celebrate it. Be grateful. Have fun. Think about others. Enjoy the little things. And don’t let the bastards get you down.