Alot of people think that happiness is a destination. If I do this or if I achieve this or if I am with this person I will be happy. Happiness is inbetween. Happiness is being alive. Happiness is coming home after an average, uneventful night and smiling because life is good.

Happiness is having a bad day, but still being able to smile about it. Happiness is knowing there are people out there, even if they’re not with you. Happiness is being grateful. Happiness is a food or a feeling or a hot coffee or a smile from a stranger, or someone letting you on to the bus before them. Happiness is sleeping in your own bed after being away. Happiness is meeting an old friend.

Happiness is moving to a new city, knowing no one, and realizing you’re fine anyways. Happiness is staying put, or going somewhere new. Happiness is letting go or moving on.

Happiness is what you do for yourself. Happiness is what you let yourself be.

Happiness is what happens between the ups and the downs. What happens during. What’s there all along. Happiness is happening right now. Don’t wait for it. Don’t chase it. Embrace it, people.

(Happiness is also having two cheese burgers that I will now eat while watching The Big Bang Theory)